Tuesday, December 13, 2005


One of the classic games I love and play to this day - Snake as it is known now or Nibbles as it was known earlier . I remember playing that game on my cousin cister's 486 . Wow sweet memories ... that was like the stone age . And look at how games have evolved over the ages. Now we could actually build our own world on a computer . But thinking about it , I sometimes wonder whether people have taken it a bit too far . I will elaborate on my next post . Till then, enjoy my favourite version of Snake available on the web.

Snake on Neave :SNAKE


Deeps said...

I remember nibbles. I used to play it in Qbasic :). But my borther used to me more fond of it than me. I loved another game called Gorilla, I dunno whether you ever played that. Its about 2 gorillas throwing bananas at each other with buildings inbetween them. You have to calculate the speed and angle and hit :-D. It obviously requires 2 players :-D.

I also remmber "frog", "Paratrooper", "pac-man" and "bomb" :).

Harish Suryanarayana said...

you bring me sweet memories ... and yes ... i did play Gorilla . Only i played both players .. Cometo think of it , it actually reflects life doesnt it ? Me against myself .