Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday 27

This is a list of achievements, just to make myself feel a little better and focus on what I wish to do this year.


1) I bought a car - my own vandi. It is not new and it is not fancy, but it is mine and it is special because it is perhaps the biggest purchase I have made with my own money.  

2) My internship over the summer was very fruitful and gave me a quick glimpse into the maze of corporate research. It also got me some new awesome friends. 


1) Now that two half marathons have been completed, it is time for a full marathon.  Will be training for the one next October, on my birthday.

2) I am already getting better at badminton. I can feel more power to my smashes and a sprint to my step. I need to focus a little more on developing some of the muscles key to explosive power. This essentially means more sprinting and lesser long distance. This will perhaps also help my long distance speed.

3) Most importantly, I need to prelim by February. That is the only way Ill finish my PhD on time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Indianapolis Half Marathon - 2

Whats that first half marathon medal? You found yourself a friend? Another half marathon medal? WOW !

Indy Half Marathon on October 15th completed. A nice pre-birthday present :)

PS: For the uninitiated, a half marathon is race for 13.2 miles which equates to 20.25 km roughly.