Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Purse

"Where is my wallet?" I wondered. It should be safely nestled in the left pocket of my pants, but it isn't. Well, I am not sure sure it isn't there. I am just too lazy to get up from my berth to check. I don't want to be sure anyway. I would then have nothing to to worry about and my manic self-absorbed imagination which is usually my only friend, would start irritating me. So, I lay on my berth, pondering,whether my purse, my wonderful brown leather purse, with its boring contents, was actually in my pocket. "Was my purse really there?" My concentration was abruptly broken, my train of thought, derailed by a gentle tap on my shoulder."You dropped your purse", she smiled.In one masterstroke, she managed to dispel my worry and add my fiendish friend, my imagination to my already cramped berth.