Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Its dark outside , really dark . I have seen this kind of dark only in my dreams . You know those dreams in which there isnt actually anything and it is just dark, an all-pervading dark you wish there were some light but it does not come . You want to wake up but you cant . Your body is immobile but your mind is working .Its thinking all kinds of shitty stuff .I wonder... How? Why ? . I shout shut up but no . It wont listen . It just wont listen . What do I do ? What do I do ? I need tranquility but I cant find it anywhere . Life's a rush and sleep is torture . Why ?

Friday, June 09, 2006

A View

Yesterday , I had to go the Chennai Central Railway station to see my dad off . The route i usually take is to go to Guindy from IIT and then use the local train service to get to park . Unfortunately for me , the time of departure of the train was set at 2000 hrs . Me being the introverted , IIT is the only place inm Chennai kind of fellow , did not realize what an ordeal it would be to travel on the metros during peak hours . On reaching Guindy , the line for taking the ticket itself was a mile long . That apart , the platform was also full . Apparently ,no train had come by for the past 15 minutes . As I stood helplessly for about 10 more minutes amongst a mass of humanity . The guy standing next to me at station kept emptying the respectable contents of his mouth on to the railway track . Then the train arrived . It was already full of people . I was starting to feel sick now . How many people ? But as i huffed and puffed and pushed my way into the train , I was able to find an isolatde spot where people wont disturb me . Thank God for that . But when I did get down at the Park station , did I get a photosnap moment . Hundreds of people heads bobbing up and down in motion in that small street . Am I also one of them ? Yes. It felt different . A new feeling of what do I say ? I am unable to put it in words . But the thing is sometimes ,when you go out of your cocooned protected world , you do get shocked .
There is so much pain and suffering in the world . Cripples , visually challenged people trying to make a living and live a decent life . We should all be so happy that we atleast have what we have . It is our duty to perform our duties , to ourselves first , then to family , country and humankind .

PS : Back to blogger after a brief stint at Yahoo! Answers .Its pretty cool !