Thursday, April 26, 2007


It is for moments of joy,those random sparks , that we trudge through this mundane greyness.
When will the fog lift ?
Is it fog or is it my eyes ?
Or my mind ?
Why do we keep walking and not bother to look at where we are going ?

Friday, April 06, 2007


I am confused. I cannot think straight. I cannot think. Or am I thinking too much. No control over myself. No control. Susceptible. I feel very susceptible. If the devil wanted my soul , he could perhaps so easily tempt me. I see that there is something more , but that something is not clear. Not clear at all. So I simply turn away and begin to believe that it does not exist. Simply because I do not understand it , does not mean it does not exist. I cannot wish away the truth. But do I want to ? May be some more understanding. Someone who can tell me what it means , and make things clearer , even if it is not true. What am I doing? Why am I writing this ? Why am I such a loser ? What is going on ?