Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nee Paartha Paarvai - Hey Ram

The first song I recorded in 2013 is this beautiful gem composed by Ilayaraja from one of my most favorite movies of all time. The lyrics are also stellar! I will attempt a translation (with a little bit of interpretation on my behalf)  here, but it is difficult to do justice to it.

Thanks to your gaze that caressed me
Thanks to the night that brought us together
Thanks to youth, so lovely, you can keep looking
Thanks to those memories, they shall remain forever
Come, my love

Let us forget the word, me
You are indeed me now
We do not need to pray for favors any more
Where can we find a heaven like this
Come, my love

The drama has ended now
Why is the acting still going on?
Enough of these charades, my lady
Thoughts of you will stay with me till my life is no more
Come, my love

Here is my rendition of the song. As an additional treat, apart from singing I also play the piano! Please comment if you like it :) Your appreciation/criticism matters to me.