Monday, March 27, 2006


It was a fine Wednesday morning . I was , as usual , sitting on my favourite park-bench and doing what I do to while away the little time I have left on this planet , observe people . I find people so alike , yet so different . It is these infinite variations I find and the fact that there is always something new , that drives me . I have always detested being staid . But when you are 70 , and are living more or less alone , you tend to get accustomed to habit . My hobby was a welcome change to my otherwise mundane life .

As I started unfolding my paper to go through what has happened in the past few hours in the world , I saw a nice smart car on the road . Nice cars are rather rare to see in this area and I was curious as to why this particular car came this way . The car was parked and out stepped a young executive with a petite young girl . I assumed that they had met quite recently and got along pretty well , as he was courteous and was trying to attend to her every need . Just like me , relationships need something new .

They entered the local baker's store . I was guessing that they were just passing by and needed some refreshments . The aroma of our bakery is another thing altogether . Some joggers have told me that they take this route sometimes to experience the smell of its fresh baked cookies . There are some feelings which we cannot describe in words . A wish , the beauty of the moon , the gentle caress of your lover and the smell of freshly baked cookies .

It is not very difficult to please a sensible woman . I believe all it takes is some interesting conversation , sweet music and respect . Life could either be simple or complicated . It is your choice , your decision . People get all worked up to achieve , to be praised , to earn and lose out on the simple niceties of life . I lost out too . But I dont regret anything now . Regret only hurts . My work has given me a decent pension to live a moderate life and the strength to be able to sit on this comfortable park bench . As I fold my newspaper and walk past the bakery store , I take deep breath . Filled with happiness unknown and a sweet feeling of ease , I make make my way back to my cottage .

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thank You !

Flowers to all my wonderful friends . Thank you for being a part of my life :) .

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Immortal - Evanescence

It is a gift to be able to add a visual plane to music which actually elevates your emotional experience . This particular song , apart from being hauntingly addictive , has a brilliantly crafted video . Call it my fascination for black and white , but the lack of colour seems to add more meaning and feeling to the video . Amy Lee's voice is really something , powerful , yet not harsh . The song also brings out the beauty of the sound of the piano . An all in all absorbing song . Do have a look at the video .

PS : Please suggest songs with a similar premise if you know any . I am a sucker for sad love songs .