Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Reasons

I love you not , for your looks
demi-goddess that you are
enchanting the mortal world

I love you not , for your innocent smile
which can in one simple curve
show me the meaning of existence .

I love you not , for the twinkle in your eye
a hint of mischief ,
like a dash of chocolate on vanilla

I love you not , for your talk
a voice which can melt
the un-meltable.

I love you because you are , and I am .

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sorry !

Aah! What a fine day to meet
The movie for today was Happy Feet
She was coming , to a movie with me
She was coming , to the OAT

I walked to the theater , fine evening sun
Bought tickets and awaited an evening of fun
At seven and thirty , disaster struck
She might not make it , at home she was stuck

Told her it was okay if she came late
Told her lets go , I will wait
Called her up more times than I should
Eager beaver , IITian , Ob I would

She couldn't make it , even if late
I was alone , stranded , at Vel's gate
Disappointed , I messaged my friend
A consoling pat , mebbe he could lend

"She is not coming man" , I lamented
"40 bucks down the drain , wasted "
I sent him the message , but the report said
I had sent her the message instead !!!

Sorry Miss K , I know that was cheap
Look, I am cursing myself now , bleep bleep bleep
I hope you laugh at this stupid rhyme
And gimme a chance to make up , sometime .