Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yes I am a man
Yes I am one
By the time you are ready ,
I'd be done

I work real hard
At my own rate
To bring happiness
To my mate

The look on her face
When she does see
How hard I work
To make her happy

She cooks my meal
Which I greatly relish
She has made me my
Most favourite dish

We understand each other
We know we care
I love her more
Than i can dare

In my power what I can
I will do
To be with her
I know she will too

She is my own
Protect her I will
Till my very last breath
Makes me lay still.

PS : This is inspired by
  • Amritha's poem.
  • Though I started off with a different goal in mind , it generally veered , as usual ,to my blumbering , blubbering romantic inclinations .Time spent : 10 minutes . I wonder if I am in love or something these days. I dont even know what that is ... Scary !

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    You never always get what you want .

    It is important at times to maintain a balanced attitude towards life . Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you dont . It has to be accepted . These trivialities should not affect your balance and cool . That is a very important lesson that I have learnt . Do what you can to get the best possible result and be happy with what you get . Be balanced .

    PS : I needed to write ths because it is important for me to keep my cool at this present moment and not give up something I have been working really hard for . God help me .