Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thinking and hoping ...

A small traditional house with a courtyard ,on the shores of the mighty Bay Of Bengal .He sits on the porch and smells the see breeze .As the air fills his lungs , afeeling of contentment spreads through his body .Small lights glow in the distance .Ships ,sailing off to far away lands , visiting far away places . How beautiful they looked , as they flickered in the distance , complementing the stars in the sky . The moon shone brilliantly ,dazzling any soul who laid his eyes on her . He felt a delicate touch on his shoulder and as he turned and looked at her he knew , at that moment , what paradise was . In the silence they shared , in her beautiful captivating eyes , that hint of a smile on her face ,her dark long hair ,he lost himself as tears of joy flowed down his cheek and in that moment , he experienced true bliss .


After almost two weeks of hectic quizzes , I am back !! This occured in class . After my B slot( Digital Signal Processing ) Quiz , we were sitting sitting in class and the all charismatic Ramlingam Sir started to discuss the solutions .

First question(by ramli) : How did you do your exams ?

Class : *Gen chatter* People are happy exam was easy

I thought I had done pretty well in my exam and as usual , was sitting in the first bench . As sir solved some problem on board , I was nodding my head as I 'thought' i had done that sum right . Then suddenly , I find Ramli Sir looking at me . He had probably seen me nodding my head .there was a tinge of amusement and sarcasm on his face as he started to nod his head the other way !!
I was totally confused now .. I had done that problem perfeclty right . I had put down the same steps . What is going on ? Ramli sir clearly notices the confusion in my face .

The last step to the solution was 1+2+3+3+2+1 = 12 .

He calmly turns around , writes a 9 and points his finger at me mockingly . ' Why did you not not use your calculator ? ' as the whole class bursts into laughter !

I have not been more embarassed than this ever ! Man , does life rock !!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The BEST page in the universe !! { Link }

Do NOT click on this link unless you have atleast an hour of free time , 'cos I can assure you that you'll be hooked .


  • PS) Maddox rules !!!