Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Blow

He knew it. He was one strong jab away from winning the boxing championship. He thought about the money he had received to throw this away, about what the mafia boss would do, about his debts, about his wife and his two little girls.
Wham!  Knockout!  He won and lost.

PS: This was my entry to the Justin S. Morrill Mini Saga contest held at Purdue University. The rules of the competition were that the entry should tell a complete story in exactly 50 words. I did not win, but I like my story ! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Harish ! ( 20th Oct, 2008 )

I had one of the most "kickass" birthday parties ever ever ! A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an essay of a few thousand words. Thank you, friends, for making it such a memorable and amazing experience. Special thanks to my roommates, Prasanth and Aditya, who are the bestest roommates one can have and to Jalaja "P" for having walked for 45 minutes to get my cake. Thank you, Shalini and Mehernaz for the amazingly tasty cake you made, which I devoured. Thank you Leela for the super sweet video you made for me. It totally made my day ! A big thanks for everyone who shared this wonderful day with me.


Monday, October 20, 2008

First Kiss

Love, time and perfection enjoyed a wonderful evening sipping tea and staring into huge rain bearing clouds. A small tear escaped her large doe eyes just before the downpour started. Time stood still, love was in the air and in the perfection of that moment, he held her gently, like a crumbling old letter from a college sweetheart and kissed her.

Notes to Self

There is absolutely no point in living a normal life. In fact, there is really no point in living, if you cannot be exceptional. Paraphrasing Rand, real happiness lies in realizing one's values. Do not live life being sheep ! Do not go with the flow. Work to be perfect, even if it is not required of you. True beauty, true niceness, love all have their basis in perfection. A sudden coming together of the forces we don't understand which in that "aha" moment reveal to us that there is more. Work to understand, challenge yourself. Do not settle in a comfort zone. When you are satisfied, you never progress. Put pressure on yourself. Push yourself to your limits, physically, mentally and emotionally. Love will find you slowly with time. You will find love. Love is an integral part in the pursuit of perfection. There is no perfection without love and there is no love without perfection.