Friday, October 21, 2005

In a rather sombre mood ....

All of us have a dream ..... why do we let it be a dream ?
Just a thought ..... sigh

What if you could meet yourself ?

I was randomly browsing through some sites trying to find inspiration after a rather dull performance in my Quizzes while i came across this quote by supermodel Christy Turlington .
What if you could meet yourself ? What would you ask and what would you say ?
Its really creepy , I must say ... like this person who knows as much about yourself as you do ...
Would we ever let anybody come that close ? Know everything ? Lots of questions raised ... Most of them unanswered .......

A link to some info about Christy Turlington :
  • Christy
  • Monday, October 10, 2005

    There is no free lunch in this world !!!

    A few professors in the Electrical Engineering department, where I study, use this phrase pretty often . I never gave it much thought until recently . It is a very simple statement and the meaning is pretty obvious. ' There is no free lunch in this world ' ... everything is give and take . You know eventually i believe as far as luck goes it pretty much evens out .. statistically speaking - I believe fate just shuffles the same deck of cards before handing them out to every person . Where you reach in life , will and should then be your work. Dont just sit on your fat bottom ... Move it and go to work !!!

    Th problem with most of us ( meaning us lazy people ) is that we think too much . We think , get tired and sleep . But the fact remains that all that thinking and sleeping, especially in the most valuable period of your life ,isnt going to get you anywhere. Just seeing the way is not the answer.. walking it is the most important thing.

    I did not intend this to be a preaching session , but i just wanted to tell these things to myself to get back to work ... yawn sigh sigh ....

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Starting off !!!

    Hi all

    As as intro , I am Harish , presently studying Electrical Engineering in IIT Madras . As the blog suggests , i am just going to ramble away... Here goes I always wonder a lot . I wonder about a lots of stuff and sometimes i wonder why i wonder at all . This book I have been reading , ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand answered many questions and raised even more . It made me happy ... it got me depressed . That is a classic quality of a great book.It must be able to penetrate into you and play with your emotions. Ayn Rand's fundamentals on money hit me as being specifically brilliant . I actually searched the net to find out about intelligent women ( just as a fancy ) and repeatedly Ayn Rand's name turned up . Such thinking and such conviction of thought , i have not experienced before

    . Before I get too boring , let me say ciao . I hope to write atleast once a week on some topic that my mind cooks up . Do keep visiting :) .