Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Purdue - With joy and expectation

I am filled with pleasure and sweet exhilaration to inform you that I have been recommended for admission for a PhD at the School of Electrical and Computer Sciences Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette with Teaching Assistantship.

This feels like a dream come true. I just threw a stone in the dark, hoping it will hit something and I found a pot of gold ! I believe my decent scores in the GRE ( 1510 /1600 ) and TOEFL ( 116/120 ) helped me in obtaining the Teaching Assistantship. Well, what else can I say .. I am the man [:)] .

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first publication !

My haiku have been published in the World Haiku Review in the haiku of merit. My second literary achievement after the Saarang 2006 Creative Writing crack. I feel like blowing my own trumpet a little, so please don't mind :) . The link to the World Haiku Club's review of the conference I attended is given below.

Haiku of Merit at the WHC

Many haiku above are brilliant, especially the award winning haiku by Kameshwar - has a true Zen ring to it. All poets were asked to submit three haiku for consideration in the contest. I am glad that all the three haiku submitted by me have made it to the top 20 ! Here are the haiku that made it.

still winter night
the wind chimes tinkle
as I close the door
constipated baby ~
after an hour in the toilet
a smile
large Gulmohar tree
I stop to see an iora
it flies away

by Harish Suryanarayana [ All rights reserved ]

PS: An iora is a small yellow bird. Any comments on my work are welcome.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


How can I tell you about her
Being a mere mortal,
my senses are not enough
to take in the expanse of her beauty
Lost in her tousled black hair
for days and days
I search for salvation
And then a word from her
and I am lost again
in the sweetness of her voice
Why does she tease me like this ?
Like a fantastic poem,
every time I meet her
she is different, or is it me ?
And I spend all my time
trying to figure out her puzzles
imaginary problems with no solution
while she spends her days in bliss
Every night, before I sleep
I only hope she knows.
I only hope she knows.