Thursday, August 31, 2006

Get a Life! (Part I)

Its office time! I love my plush new office, the fountain at the entrance, the well arranged parking space, but most of all I love my own personalized cubicle. It offers me the comfort of my own private space in a maze of cells. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harish. If I were to introduce myself, Bond style, I'd probably say 'A glass of ginger-lime, shaken, not stirred. By the way, I’m Introverted, acutely Introverted. '

The dictionary defines an introverted person to be a person predominantly concerned with his/her own thoughts & feelings rather than with external things. It also says someone who is introverted is a shy inwardly thoughtful person. That’s exactly what I am and I am happy and contented. People are always talking about how they are so lonely and need company. Why? Why when you can do what you please with your imagination?

For example, the paper weight on my desk is sufficient entertainment for me. All I need to do is say paperweight and let my mind go! The paper weight is pyramidal in shape. Pyramids! Those sophisticated wonders of architecture; I should go to Egypt sometime and see them. If I go to Egypt, I should definitely visit the Sphinx. I have a question for the Sphinx! What was that fanatic thinking when he cut your nose off? And there five minutes of unlimited entertainment. Who needs people? There is so much to think! So much to visualize!

But then, today was one of the days when my imagination was not helping much. The paperweight looked just as it was, a plain transparent paperweight and I was soon bored. So, I decided to look around for more interesting objects. I stood up and then there she was. She looked gorgeous! Her hair was casually tied up, with a few strands trickling down her fair face . She stroked her neck, contemplating some matter of supreme importance and then, with a look of determination, started typing away on her keyboard.

I sat down and my imagination started kicking in. She looked regal and graceful. Maybe she could be the daughter of a count and me a young prince. They would organize a huge party and being the most eligible bachelor around, I would ask of her to dance with me. As the band played Tchaikovsky's ' Dance of the Swans ' we would dance and all other couples would look at us with envy. Then dinner would be served and she would be enchanted by my deep knowledge of the random motion of electrons .We would then sneak away to the terrace , where in the enchanting moonlight , my cell shall ring .It was my boss calling !

Better get going!

I never seemed to tire of her. Once, she was a Kuchipudi dancer, being tortured by her maternal uncle to marry him and then, she was an animal rights activist, fighting a losing battle with ruthless poachers to save the three horned rhinoceros. And always, I was there to help her out, save the day and live happily ever after. All I needed was one look at her and all these thoughts flowed automatically to keep me entertained.

One day, I got up to get my glimpse when she turned around and our eyes met. My heart started beating faster and I felt something hollow in my throat. This had never happened before! Not even in my imagination! It was a feeling I couldn’t explain. She then smiled a most charming smile, one that could melt a heart as hard as the material my paperweight was made of and then continued with her work. Life just got so much more interesting. Maybe I could ask her out sometime…

To be continued…

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No more bullshit !

I am unhappy with my progress. So no more bullshit ! . I am going to change . Thats the bottom line.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Books - Tag !

Tagged by Solitary Reaper.

Book that changed my life : Every book changes your life. The question is how big a change are we talking about ? Real dramatic change ? None so far.

One book I'd want on a desert island : The BhagavathGita / Ramayana /Mahabharata :) .

One book that made me laugh :any Wodehouse ( wonder why I cant think of anything else ? )

One book that made me cry : Love Story ( The last line had its effect :( Dont blame me , it is my first mushy mushy read )

One book you wish had been written: 100 ways to torture yourself out of Laziness.

One book you wish had never been written : Any Harold Robbins . Geez ! Such stuff will make pornstars blush !

One book you are currently reading : Sophie's World - Jostein Gaarder

Mostly consisting of dialogues between the titular Sophie Amundsen and a mysterious man named Alberto Knox, interwoven with an increasingly bizarre and mysterious plot, it acts as both a novel and a basic guide to Philosophy. Courtesy Wikipedia .

Book I have been meaning to read : The Romantic Manifesto ( Rand ) Rand's opinion on art and its purpose in human life.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tagged !

The good thing and the bad thing about tags is that you don't have to think too much :)

Tagged by Sid.
Sid's link led me to the Bad English Contest , which I eventually won. Thanks dude !

I a’m thinking about: Whether I will ever be able to reclaim my self-confidence in Acad related matters .

I said: Be good , do good and punch that egotistical snob on his face.

I want to: Go on atleast one perfect date before I am 25 . Not too hopeful though . I seem to have too much female repellant on me .

I wish: I could stop procrasting. Its hurting me bad . Real bad.

I hear: Norah's soft cooing . Love her songs.

I wonder: If people will ever realise that life is such a wonderful gift and stop cribbing. (Atleast those people to whom life has been good.It probably has if you are reading this. )

I regret: Having stopped singing and learning Classical music when my voice broke. Ill regret that forever.

I am: A sentimental romantic fool who is confused about most things in his life.

I dance: When I am extremely happy and nobody else is around . I am extremely self-conscious.

I sing: well . Atleast used to . I like to hum the tunes of different ragas my own way . Create my own music.

I cry: whenever there is emotion in scenes involving the arts - music and dance . I was crying like a baby in those scenes in the Titanic where these musicians decide to walk away and then regroup . * Boo hoo*

I make with my hands: Music on my Keyboard .

I write: Only when I am inspired or need to put pseud ;) .

I confuse: some of my close friends because of my pseudo-oscillatory behaviour.

I need: Cash . Lots of it :)

I tag :

Humesh Anna

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Rule ! Again

I am bad .. I am bad .. You know it ! You know it !

Well , After SAARANG 2005 , my bad bad brains needed a little flexing .
So I won the Bad English Writing Competition .

THANK YOU ! Mr. Bombay Addict .

My Entry in full :

The Matrix - A Revew

This movie it be one of my favorite.It has action like my hero Dharmendhar who also fly and escape any bullet which come my way.They have very cool name like Neo , Morphus and Trinty. . Morphus has deep voice and also speak very good dialoges by himself.My favourite dialogue is him saying do you eat red pill or will swallow blue pill to Neo. Morphus is so sofsticated and poise and panache but Neo look like he dont know what happening . Sometime I feel like getting up and kicking his mud head into sense. The movie I dont understood but action good ,so I see movie many many time.Agent Smith who is secret agent like James Bond but have no cool number like 007.I highly recomends movie for action liking peoples because action be made in Amrica studio and is very good."

PS : The Matrix Rocks ! Forgive me Trinity if you are reading this :)


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ode to a friend

A gentle touch , a comforting word
A hug and a pat , worth the world
A bond only love transcends
Thank you , for being my friend

- Harish