Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Rule ! Again

I am bad .. I am bad .. You know it ! You know it !

Well , After SAARANG 2005 , my bad bad brains needed a little flexing .
So I won the Bad English Writing Competition .

THANK YOU ! Mr. Bombay Addict .

My Entry in full :

The Matrix - A Revew

This movie it be one of my favorite.It has action like my hero Dharmendhar who also fly and escape any bullet which come my way.They have very cool name like Neo , Morphus and Trinty. . Morphus has deep voice and also speak very good dialoges by himself.My favourite dialogue is him saying do you eat red pill or will swallow blue pill to Neo. Morphus is so sofsticated and poise and panache but Neo look like he dont know what happening . Sometime I feel like getting up and kicking his mud head into sense. The movie I dont understood but action good ,so I see movie many many time.Agent Smith who is secret agent like James Bond but have no cool number like 007.I highly recomends movie for action liking peoples because action be made in Amrica studio and is very good."

PS : The Matrix Rocks ! Forgive me Trinity if you are reading this :)



Deeps said...

Congratulations :). Your entry really rocked :). Hehehe, I'm still laughing at "Like my hero Dharmendhar" and "Have no cool number like 007" :-D.

SID said...

Firstly Congrats on winning the contest bro. What an amazing entry.

Secondly, the link on my page took you there. Thats like half the work done(hehe). So I deserve some recognition. How about half the price money huh? Maybe even a treat. What say you?

SID said...

U have been tagged. Check out my latest post.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@ Deeps --> Thankoo so much

@ Sid --> Wish I could split the voucher into two . But then , it wouldnt be of use to both of us :).So Ill enjoy the money and hand you the recognition. * Thaaliyaan *

Mary Ray Lieu said...

hey...congrats!!..I like the part about neo looking lost all the time and the "cool number like 007"

Bombay Addict said...

Harish - could you please change the link to my name ? It seems to be going elsewhere. Thanks.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@BA --> Sorry and its done :) .