Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tagged !

The good thing and the bad thing about tags is that you don't have to think too much :)

Tagged by Sid.
Sid's link led me to the Bad English Contest , which I eventually won. Thanks dude !

I a’m thinking about: Whether I will ever be able to reclaim my self-confidence in Acad related matters .

I said: Be good , do good and punch that egotistical snob on his face.

I want to: Go on atleast one perfect date before I am 25 . Not too hopeful though . I seem to have too much female repellant on me .

I wish: I could stop procrasting. Its hurting me bad . Real bad.

I hear: Norah's soft cooing . Love her songs.

I wonder: If people will ever realise that life is such a wonderful gift and stop cribbing. (Atleast those people to whom life has been good.It probably has if you are reading this. )

I regret: Having stopped singing and learning Classical music when my voice broke. Ill regret that forever.

I am: A sentimental romantic fool who is confused about most things in his life.

I dance: When I am extremely happy and nobody else is around . I am extremely self-conscious.

I sing: well . Atleast used to . I like to hum the tunes of different ragas my own way . Create my own music.

I cry: whenever there is emotion in scenes involving the arts - music and dance . I was crying like a baby in those scenes in the Titanic where these musicians decide to walk away and then regroup . * Boo hoo*

I make with my hands: Music on my Keyboard .

I write: Only when I am inspired or need to put pseud ;) .

I confuse: some of my close friends because of my pseudo-oscillatory behaviour.

I need: Cash . Lots of it :)

I tag :

Humesh Anna


Deeps said...

Oh No!! Not me!! :((.

Ok ok, nice reading about you and will try to complete the tag soon :).

All the best for the perfect date before 25 ;-).

The Solitary Reaper said...


Freespirit said...

Wasted some time as ordered. :)

Sunshine said...

I like a guy who cries over movies :D

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@ Deeps --> Take your time :)

@ Swap & Hedonia --> Good girls.

@ sunshine --> Hi! Nice entry there .. Please apologise ! lol

Deeps said...

Tag completed. Check this out :).

Anonymous said...

Very nice site! » »

Leela said...

Ay ay, captain!
May what you "said" be done. What if the snob punches back?