Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ode to a friend

A gentle touch , a comforting word
A hug and a pat , worth the world
A bond only love transcends
Thank you , for being my friend

- Harish


Deeps said...

Aptly written :). I'm lucky to have a few friends like that too :).

The Solitary Reaper said...

Well, it's a bond that transcends love!!

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@ Deeps --> Thanks.

@ Reaper --> We seem to have really different views on love . I think love is the ideal and it is the final purpose and end. I am talking about it as a concept which is in itself ultimate. Mebbe this requires a post :) .

Freespirit said...

I beg to differ about it being a bond that transcends love..but according to most people I've yet to attain certain 'worldliness'.

The Solitary Reaper said...

Well, depends on a lot of things, obviously you love your family more than your friends and in that context bond of love is the most beautiful one.
And don't we all love our friends?
If it is romatic love that you are talking of,I guess friendship comes with easier terms and conditions ;)

Anonymous said...

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