Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hope of Love

I am a romantic , a believer in the ideal
What will she say ? What will she say ?
Will I find love ? I sometimes wonder ,
Love is a powerful word .

If seeking love gives ecstacy in itself
How much more wonderful it would be
To have her close by, as she is now in my heart
Imagination does not help me now

Will the rose be a 'rose' if not for love
A morning dew on its soft petal
Adds melancholy to my loneliness
As I seek and want and desire

A hand to hold , her lips to kiss,
eyes to express and a heart to feel
What joy it fills me with,
The sweet hope of love .

-- Harish Suryanarayana


Deeps said...


Beautiful. May your hope soon turn into reality :).

The Solitary Reaper said...
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The Solitary Reaper said...

so sweet hope of love huh??

but then a rose will be a rose..

good one there!!

Mary Ray Lieu said...

Hey ..wonderful!...i actually read it some 4 times...truly hope ur hope is fulfilled

V N said...

A romantic & Idealist at once!
:) Thats one unique combination, for sure.

:) nice post.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@Deeps > Thanks ! But I wonder if it ever will :)

@Reaper > Thank you

@MRL > Geez .. Thanks :) :)

@Velu > Thanks and welcome to my spot on the net ,Mr. Nair.