Friday, December 23, 2005

Sad Movies (as in sad the opposite of happy)

I like movies which end on a sad note . They somehow seem to be more realistic and convincing . Agreed that people come to watch a movie to have a nice time . Its a break that they want from their mundane and not so fair ,reality . It takes them away from their own lives and into one of joy and happiness . But somehow , sad ends move you in a strange way . Could you please suggest some good ones ?


Radha said...

hmmm. i dont like sad movies. but most of the good movies are one's which are sad. like "life is beautiful".. one of my all time fav.

Ms. V said...

There's this one movie... L'Affair Pornographique. It's a French movie that has been made in English too. Do an IMDB on it to find the English title. It's not distressing kinda sad, but a little sad. And no, it's not porn. Then there's Sweet November. Both are romantic sad. One of my all time favourites is Road To Perdition. It's a dramatic sad. And hmmm, I'll suggest a few more once I've given it some more thought.

Deeps said...

If its English you are looking for, then here are my 2 suggestions:

1) Blow (stars Johny Depp) - One of those you-have-to-see-it movies.
2) City of God - Its a portuguese movie with English subtitles. The subtitles are enough.

If you are really into sad then watch Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem for a Dream" (Its sad as in pathetically sad) and "Pi" (kind of a sad thriller).

Romantically sad, I would suggest "The Notebook".

Aesa said...

for me its not bout sad, or happy, i like movies which end either in a very unpredictble way or in a very unsaid way.
leavin a lot to think about.
try quills. not really sad but gripping and thought provoking on many levels

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Thank you all for your suggestions .. I was running out of movies to watch , and now i have quite a handful :) .

vibha said...

in tamil 7G rainbow colony and kadhal kondeen have sad endings. old film aval oru thodar kadhai also has a sad ending. check these out when u find time.