Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Two sofas , set at diametrically opposite positions , olive green in colour and tastefully designed . Bright tubelights hidden from your view throw a soft bright white light all round the place . Then there are small tables with four chairs each , two on one side and two on the other . The cushions on the chair are of the same colour as that of the sofa and the table top is just a shade or two lighter. No my friends ... I am not describing the setting in a posh retaurant . This is how the interior of the Reference Section of The Central Library here looks like.

I shamefully admit that this semester , I have been to the Library only thrice and that too to renew the books that I had taken in the beginning . I had no idea that they had done so much .

The best part is that they have everything from Analog Electronics to George Bernard Shaw .
And then there is this small shop just outside where we could have a cup of coffee or a piece of cake. It is sad indeed that so much is being given to me and I under-utilize it so badly .I am definitely going to spend atleast one hour of every day these holidays in the Library while I am here.


vibha said...

Relax Harish
When u r not spending ur semester days in the library why do u want to go there in your holidays? take it easy.

SID said...

Good luck with that dude!I had pledged to do the same a long time back and failed miserably. I hope you have better luck.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@vibha --> thanks .. but if i relax now .. Ill find it harder later in life ..So no relaxation ... time to sleep now :P

@ the big s --> well you have some power ! it is raining here and i couldnt go to the lib !!