Friday, December 02, 2005

The Famous Leader and Classic Movie Test :)

Cant blame them ... Can we ?

Ah Well :)


Leon said...

Einstein indeed! My foot.. :p

Ms. V said...

Gosh. Nirmal's just jealous of you all the time. You must be so much better than him at everything eh? ;)

P.S. - Remember I told you that I mistook you for one of my friend's by the same name??? Incidently, one of his closest friends in school was a guy named Nirmal. Interesting huh?!

Ms. V said...

Ohh, and by the way I'm:

SUNSET BOULEVARD - "You are Sunset Boulevard. You are all about fame and success and avoiding being seen as ordinary."

BILL CLINTON - "You like to be the centre of attention and desire fame. You are able to determine the most popular views and then reflect them. You are a social chameleon."

Gosh! To think I didn't know that I was THAT fond of fame!

Radha said...

hey!! tat was fun :-).

gonna put de result in my blog.

btw , i tagged u. ;-)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@leon -- > Dont feel bad Nirmal .. Its ok if someone is as smart as you are ...

@Ms.V -- > Nah .. I admire Nirmal too much to agree to that statement. Mebbe just almost as good ?
Guess what , I got Sunset Boulevard when i took the short version of the test :) the personality was Mahatma Gandhi ... :P

@radha -- > Glad you like it . Thats the second tag , i better get my list done fast :)

vibha said...

Einstein.... ohh he has made us study a lot. I blame him for that!!