Tuesday, December 06, 2005

20 Things About ME ( Cos i was tagged by two very nice ppl)

20 . I am on a drug. And it is called Philosophy . As much as i try to lead the simple life of a normal human being , something keeps asking those questions and keeps prodding around in my mind .

19. I have a lot many friends but very very few know much about me . This was my choice and I like to keep it that way . It is like people will know if you ask for Harish but not much if you ask about him .

18. I love change and change drives me . Any kind of monotony depresses me and i start searching for change. It is because of this very reason that people who try to get to know me think that i contradict myself . I am not contradicting myself . I am changing .

17. I believe that beauty and music are two very important parts of our lives . If given a choice as in ,if my basic necessities ( which are actually not so basic ) are assured , I'd be an artist or a musician . I play the Keyboard and am trying to hard to improve my music

16. I am confident that someday GOD and Science will converge and that day will be the LIBERATION of all. I am of the opinion that every single person and every single object , animate or inanimate , are connected in some way .

15. I love my parents and my sweetest sis . Family is always top priority in my list . I believe that respecting family and making your parents proud and happy , and also assuring them that they have done a good thing by bringing you in to this world is your first and foremost duty .

14. I will never smoke because a rational man would not knowingly destroy his precious irreplaceable organs . I will never drink because I am trying damn hard to control my mind. I would not dare to let it loose. I fear its power .

13. I would like to be a lean mean working machine which does its job to perfection , but exactly because of my inability to control my mind , I am now slightly overweight and more or less lazy.I love good food.

12. I require inspiration to work without which i just perform in a rather mediocre manner(which is exactly what is happening now) . I have put A s in the courses in which the professors are likeable and nice and take interest in interacting with the students.

11 . I am a meloncholy mood lover . I love to be meloncholy and to gaze at the moon and the stars and the open sky. A true romantic at heart , if i ever find my woman ( i doubt if i will sometimes) , I will take her on a Gondola someday and sing to her .I will take her to the top of a mountain by the sea and share the silence and the sound of the ocean.

10. I love candlelight and believe that it casts some kind of magic spell . If i ever propose to a woman , it will be in candlelight .

09. I love to take myself away from reality into some fantasy world . I love movies which help me do that. I love books which do that even more 'cos it puts me in the director's seat.I hate it if i am disturbed while watching a movie or reading a book. I have gone alone to the Theatre many times.

08. I believe that eyes and feel hold the secret of a person's character. I look into the mirror and into my eyes and talk to myself sometimes to see how i react , how my eyes change .

07. I am NOT a good conversationalist and am pretty bad at maintaining conversations. The mundane just bores you after sometime . But if you are skillful enough to guide me into something i would like to talk to you about , you would just about be able to bear me .

06. I come across to most as a sincere , good and nice boy . Some people have complained that i am nice to a point of irritation . I cannot be mean to people even if they are mean to me and believe that most people in this world are good people .

05. I lack the will power to finish something i start off and this has hurt me more than anything else . I need external prompting or some tempting visible award to keep at something . I could be very unreliable in this respect .

04. I love playing chess and other games on the computer . Again for the reason that it takes you away from this world . Sometimes I am not too comfortable with who I am but usually return to normalcy soon .

03. I believe any person could be anything he wants to be if he has the conviction , the brains and proper guidance . I also believe that you should NOT live off your parents as it shows a reluctance to earn your own bread . There is no free lunch in this world . Atleast i think that there shouldnt be .

02. I believe in morals and living a right life . You will NOT find me cutting queues or bribing or copying in exams. I believe that purity is one of the goals of your life . I sometimes tend to get very lonely and isolate myself from people .

01. ----------------------------------------- // Interpret in your own way :)

a) If you've read all that I've written above , then I'd immediately tell you that YOU are a very patient person . You musta realised that I am not a fun person to be with , in the conventional sense .
b) My sis tells me that the kind of girl I want dont even exist anymore , so i did not bother to put that in .
c) I really dig long and beautiful hair .

' Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair ' - Kahlil Gibran


Sweatha said...

Well, I'm a patient listener, Am I not?? ;)
Good points, after all!

Leon said...

So I'm 'very nice'.. Thankoo Thankoo... :-).

Who's the other tagger btw?

A lot of 'romantic' stuff there.. And no it wasn't boring.. :-)

vibha said...

#11 and #10 are really romantic. I am a music lover too.
b/w shall we play chess sometime. No I am not a very good player..jus curious.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@Sweatha --> Did not know that you knew abt my blog . Pleasant surprise :)

@ Leon --> :) :) :)

@ Vibha --> Chess huh ... sure , but let me have a few practice matches with Nirmal before that :p .It sure does tell you a lot abt the person you are playing against doesnt it? ( If he/she hasnt been trained )

Ms. V said...

WOW! That's all I'm kinda left feeling after reading that list. Amazed, awed, interested, and inspired in some way. I loved the honesty and pure frankness in which each point was put forward. You know, you are so much like the other Harish, it's almost freaky! Seriously... But, as I said... WOW!

The Solitary Reaper said...

the joy is discovery... i gave u this pleasure... anyway how do u like it..

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@ Ms. V --> Muchos Gracias madam

SID said...

Phew! I did manage to finish the entire list and man was I curious. I mean you are totally like the your namesake and the similarity freaks me. Have you guys even met?

The Solitary Reaper said...

yup... I took the patience test.. nice things you have written about yourself...you used the right proportion and depth of thought to keep the reader hooked to the post

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Hello !