Friday, June 29, 2007

25 things I want to do/experience before I die

25. I want to see loved ones get genuinely teary eyed when I achieve what I plan to.

24. I want to be able to spend a whole night camping in some remote place with my special one.

23. I want to give a full fledged Carnatic concert to family and friends.

22. I wish to own a grand piano and be able to play it well enough to impress myself.

21. I want to go sky diving. Feel gravity. Feel the earth pulling me towards her.

20. I want my first kiss to feel magically divine.

19. I want to feel achievement again. JEE result time was the only time I really felt exhilaration. I want that feeling once more at least.

18. I want to feel my six pack abs. I want her to feel my six pack abs.

17. I want to see my mom and dad tension free, leading a carefree life.

16. I want to be my sister's kid's favourite uncle. *

15. I wish to be able get out of bed when I feel like. This has been the toughest thing for me.

14. I want to sketch and paint. I want to create works of art which make people think.

13. I want to speak French and Sanskrit. Both languages totally kick ass.

12. I want to get high. Once. Just to see what my strange little mind can conjure. My dreams are weird enough.

11. I want to gift my sis something invaluable when she least expects it .

And thats all I can think of for now.. Strange ! I thought I could hit 25 peacefully !!


Freespirit said...

I hope you get to do each and every single one of those things especially 23, 14, 13. And if you ever go professional, will buy first row tickets. :)
And the favourite uncle bit..learn how to gonna learn cooking only for tht.

Crescent said...

That was wonderful (incomplete) 25.:) Fill the space completely.

I din't fathom this 16th one. Sketching and painting whatever you feel like is the best thing one can do.Agree with most of your wishes :). I was touched reading 17th one. SHows your love for your parents and your sister.

Hope you accomplish many things in life :)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@Hedonia: You would not need to buy the tickets. :)

@Crescent: :) .I found this pdf file called Life's Little instruction book. it asked me to do what this blogpost is about and carry it in my purse. Why dont you try ?

Crescent said...

I need your email ID Harish for posting the answers of my quiz to you. Could you send me the pdf that you mentioned? My friend tagged me for some weird thing. Beware you will be the scapegoat from my end. :D

Thank you.

Crescent said...

yu have been tagged :D

Harish Suryanarayana said...

[:)] Will try to finish it ASAP

Freak Goddess said...

someone once asked me to do an exercise - write an obituary for myself!

imagine all the things u'd want to be. And all the things u want ppl to know ur good at.. and became known for.

full technicolor life!