Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dirty World

I live in my world.
Let me live and dream
Of butterflies and sweet sunshine
Of buns filled with luscious cream

Why do you want to ruin
This illusion, though not true
By images of gruesome murder
By people with blood not red, but blue

I am but a speck of dust
With the power to imagine
That I am greater than myself
That its paradise I am in.

But you prove to me
Again and again, you perverts
You shove your dirty images
You hit me where it hurts

Get away from me! dirty world
I puke when I see the ugliness
Let me make my own movie
Let me live in my senselessness



Freespirit said...

"I live in my world.
Let me live and dream"
We should make bumper stickers of that and posters and tees..I'd walk around with a placard around my neck if I could. (sandwich boards would be a tad uncomfortable)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

:) :) I actually saw this repulsive movie called Hostel II and did not know what to do after that. Was disturbed. Thats when I wrote this.