Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My first music class in 7 years !

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Class VI to Class IX - Harish! Why he is the lead singer of the school's choir team.
Class X - Harish! He was the lead singer of the school's choir team.

It was during that transitory period in class X. You are not too sure what is happening around you.
And then suddenly you cannot sing anymore. My voice broke when I was in class X and it was then that I stopped learning Carnatic Music. Biggest mistake of my life. Now I am going to set things right again. I had my first class and after hearing me sing, my new guru decided to start me off on the Varnams. Totally awesome result ! Did not want to do the Swarajathis again. I am so happy

Year V - IITM : Harish has started learning music again !


The Solitary Reaper said...

That is great! And hope to see more posts under this label :)

Freespirit said...

Way to go! I should really take a leaf outta your time it should be Pandit Harish instead of Pandit Bhimsen or Bhupen or someone. :)

Deeps said...

Cool! Believe it or not I did the same thing. I mean I left my music class when I was very young (mostly as I was frustrated with the teaher teaching me 2 lines per week :-p). Later after I was working, I went to another carnatic classical teacher and had a nice time (I learnt till 3 Varnams), later got married and now am in US. Trying to find a teacher here, but not found one yet :(.

All the best with the singing :).

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@reaper - Thank You :)

@freespirit - Some day perhaps :) :) But I do not think I can dedicate my life to music as some of these greats did. Its a wonderful way to keep this strange mind occupied and clear.

@deeps - Hope you do find someone. I believe every person who can sing should learn as much a possible.