Sunday, July 15, 2007


Mind maurauded
Stop this futile addition of zeros
Stop this programming
Mindless hours of decadence.

Consumerism !
You have to own a car!
You have to own a house!
Why ?

Redefine your life.
Society! Shut up !
Stop feeding me your execrable ideals
People all sheep !
All sheep fighting to own more.
Look at yourselves and weep

For where there could have been
a happy musician
now stands,
a haggard zombie in a suit
Is your coat and your car
enough for you?
In your final eight minutes
I assure you, friend
You'd live your life again
and when the time comes
to decide,
You will choose without hesitation
What you want! What YOU want!

This internecine struggle
between heart and mind
This is Maya. This is delusion
Throw it away. Cast it aside
and you have
YOU! You have GOD.

- Harish Suryanarayana


Crescent said...
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Crescent said...

With an empty mind
eagerly waiting to dine
here am being grinded
No matter how much Iam faltered
No whining no goading
Only thing am to do is coding..
I only long to be flattered
But truly only battered..
How much I am shattered
Work intensity has just began greater..

My mind needs some rest..
Having being used to rust
books swamped with dust
Just trying to be abreast
Soul going aghast
Things that are must
should be prioritized first
trying to just be earnest
In the name of trust

Call it an act of fate
for me to feel so desolate
Never felt about something so great
longing to have a date
Things seem to have jaded
With mind just being eroded
Food court is crowded
Woken up being jolted

Tide waiting to reach ebb
It's time to check my computer hub..
Eternally have to tweak
In the name of knowledge to seek
No idea how much will it reap
With the Internet am trying to creep..
Want my slumber to be deep
No stack no queue no heap
No horn no beep..
No snoozes no sleep..

Will grab something once done
my grub beckoning me come come...

Gave an impromptu attempt.
Not good at this though :D.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

:) Good attempt

Want my slumber to be deep
No stack no queue no heap
No horn no beep..
No snoozes no sleep.

Sexy :) Post it on your blog too !

Lokesh said...

how do I find U?