Saturday, October 07, 2006

TAG ! - 8 things

"And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. " - Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society

Tagged by Deepthi .

I have been asked to enlist 8 things not known to anybody . I'd rather call it 8 things not known to most .

1) I hide behind a mask all the time . Many people know Harish , but nothing about him .I am
slowly realising the stupidity of it all . Being more open of late and socialising better .

2) My social skills suck BIG TIME . So in gatherings , I usually shut up.The how do you do ?
How is your mother ? How is your grandmother ? How is your grandmother's younger brother's cousin's husband ? .... Just does not work for me . I just cant make day-to day conversation.Very pointless . My telephone conversations last , at max , 5 minutes . . except with my darling sister .

3) I have very few good friends , countable on the fingers ... of one hand .

4) I recently went out on a date ( technically atleast ) [ :P ] . And no , I shall not reveal any
more details , so Shhhh ! Secret !

5) I flip when I listen to a sweet voice . Sometime , someday , I hope and wish somebody will
sing to me and for me alone ala Before Sunset .

6) I have gone many a times to cinemas alone . Sunday evenings , sometimes , I just take off and go see a movie all by myself . Some of my friends find that very strange. I get totally involved
in movies and many times prefer to watch them alone , without any disturbance , in one
stretch . And , yes , I cry when some scene touches me ... like the scene in Patch Adams when he apologizes to her and reads her the Pablo Neruda peace ...

7) I look like a ruffian . Good for me :) . I love my beard and have , to date regretted it
everytime I shave it off . I feel much more comfortable with my beard ! Mebbe because I
look much better with most of my face covered [:P] .

8) Most of my life is like a periodic signum function ( Desperate attempt at pseud putting *) .
Suddenly I am king of all worlds and then again , suddenly a pointlessly depressed pebble .
I am slowly getting out of this stupidity and starting to lead a happier life . With age comes
wisdom [:P]

If you want to know more about me , you could always read the
20 things about me tag .

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Hedonia Better do something about your URL !
MRL Came back recently to grace us with her presence [:)]
Swap who is now lost as lost can be .


Canary said...

hehe.. funny one.. :) :)

neha said...

hi harish,

dropped in to say hi - i'm sure i had more to say than just hi, but then anon above said before i could. :(

Anonymous said...

I recently went out on a date ( technically atleast ) [ :P ] . And no , I shall not reveal any
more details , so Shhhh ! Secret !

:-p. Well, I'm sure the poet in you will be putting up posts on it soon enough ;-).

I love my beard and have , to date regretted it everytime I shave it off .

I thought most women preferred men without beards {Hint! Hint!} :-D.

Thanks for completing the tag :).

The Solitary Reaper said...

You will have to tell me about the date next time I meet you. Wonder why you doubt your social skills.And good luck with the Before Sunset fantasy :)

And the 8 things about me unknown to most,I am the most talkative person I have ever met myself,so wonder if there are any.

And yeah,hedonia must be back,methinks too so..

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@canary --> Really ? :P

@Neha --> Hello ! Do drop by often :)

@Deeps --> I hope there are a few who like beards too [:)] .

@reaper --> Lets see :) . Oh Cmon ! The ppl who read your blog would not know most things about you . Humour the tag no ... [:)]

Freespirit said...

Hey..umm..will I burst your bubble again if I say I'd inferred mosta that from your previous posts??

And very very late update..but deleted my blog..b'day gift to idea who that is.

The Solitary Reaper said...

no new posts?