Friday, September 08, 2006

And we had a talk ...

Music comes in many many forms . Most of the time , though , of late , it has just become something routine which plays on your computer when you are home . Then suddenly , out of the blue , a piece just pulls you , tuggs at you and reminds you why music is such an inseperable part of the human soul . I had such an experience and this time it was a brilliant piece by none other than the maestro of Tamil music ; Ilayaraja .

The piece I am talking about is titled ' And we had a talk ' from his album ' How to name it ' . This album shows Ilayaraja's musical genius as he uses western classical influences , especially Bach , in an Indian context . Its a delight to listen to !

And we had a talk has a violin conversation in which the violin actually converses ! A true masterpiece . The first part is just way too awesome and I assure you ,will put you in a trance .
I have just come out of it , after listening to the piece a hundred thousand times . It is one of the gems of Indian music you should'nt miss.


Dev said...

Hey Harish!!

Nice Blog!! I never knew u blogged... Im coming here for the first time..

Dev said...

Oh Ok!!! I got fooled! I thought you were that Harish...hehe.

anywayz, thanks for visitin my page..

Freespirit said... took off shady post before i could put comment and call you evil. :P

The Solitary Reaper said...

new post's coming?

Deeps said...

Hey Harish, you have been tagged to write a post on eight unknown facts about yourself here :).

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@FreeSpirit - Too many shockwaves :P

@ Swap - There you go :)

@ Deeps - Thanks . I was just becoming a stagnant mess . Something to think about :) .