Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Even if the wind blows east
and the sails are tied up tight
memories of a storm this summer
stirs up butterflies
The might of the ocean
and its vacillating moods
a naughty sprite one moment
an irascible Poseidon the next.
Patience, sailor, patience
when I set sail
I closed my eyes and prayed
the ocean is what it is
my boat is what it is
and only with time will I learn
the true nature of the ocean,
of the boat, and of myself.

- Harish Suryanarayana


Deeps said...

Beautiful :).

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Thank you Deeps! I think you are the only person visiting this blog these days :)

Deeps said...

I think there are a lot more people, but they just don't know what to say to your intense "ramblings" :-D.

Sam Guna said...

Deeps is very true..You are at higher levels and i am dumb found while reading your poetry. But i feel proud. This is my 'dodo' who had a crane's nose (kodu mooku) when he was a small kid..

lala said...
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Suryanarayana said...

Read this only today.Really good.Dwell more in to your self definitely you will find more ecstasy
and joy.meditate!!!!?

Anusha Mannava said...

Wonderful lines!! Like a most satisfactory conversation.

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WoW! definitely beautiful..love your post.=)