Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ode to coffee

To the bitter staid emancipator
from all that is dull and sleepy
To that magic potion
dark and brown and deep
mysterious swirls of energy
twirls of sensation
I keep wanting you
my dearest concoction
Where are you when I most need you?

-Harish Suryanarayana


Anonymous said...

wow. coffee does the magic in the mornings for me. :) and what can i say when i get the starbucks one. oh my!

like hot choc in heaven! lol


Harish Suryanarayana said...

True that!

Matangi Mawley said...

wah! wah!

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Thank you. Thank you :)

Princess Stefania said...

Great. Minds. Think. Alike. :P
(which is to say, I have an 'Ode to Coffee' up on my blog too)