Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keyboard !

I am finally rediscovering the pure serene pleasure of playing the keyboard. Many many thanks to the person who sold his Yamaha PSR 195 on Craigslist for cheap. My serious romance with the keyboard began when my Chittappa (dad's younger brother) bought me a small Casio keyboard for my Upanayanam(thread ceremony). After playing around with it a bit, my dad had a feeling that I could perhaps be good at this. So he bought me a super awesome full size Yamaha keyboard. My parents have always been super supportive of everything that I have done and have tried their very best to get me what I need to improve. Needless to say, a special thanks to dad for having got me that super present for my birthday a long time ago. Well, here I am, back to my first musical love, so look out! Ill soon have a good stream of videos once I get warmed up. Next post - Creep - Radiohead !


Anonymous said...

Harry...congratulations on the keyboard...didn't know you had this talent too...what about the violin?

Aditya Teja said...

That was me by the way :-)

Deepu said...

Harish-correction-chitappa dint get u ur keyboard-periappa did-chitappa just posed with it for fun n dats what u remember!!chitappa sponsored the mandap as ur gift-remember?? :)

Anonymous said...


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