Friday, July 24, 2009

Rant about love.

What do I know about love.
Make love, bake love
manufacture it
plastic love
I dont have any of it
What do I know about love?

I have never kissed a girl.
Her tender soft lips
dont exist for me
it exists for a jerk who had
the guts to tell her
that he wants to kiss her
the very first time they went out.
not for me
Ill just look and admire and smile
and melt and worship and die
Die for a caress from her lips?

She will talk about me
Nice guy, she'll say
he cooks well,
he is courteous and graceful
and a good singer and athletic
and then she'll forget completely
as her hands are in someone elses
some jackass who proposed to her
when she was sixteen
when they thought love
was another flavour of coffee
What do they know about love?

I know nothing
I am sick of love
sick of knowing that I dont know
sick of even writing this poem
I should stop
I have no right to write
when all I have is thought
and all I have done
is naught.
What does anyone know about love?


Sampoornam said...

Harish.. Vow!you are reaching better altitudes, with those poems that reflect a unique attitude.
Keep it up, my boy.

Mary Ray Lieu said...

Awesome Stuff.Your words have such an easy flow to them.

"when they thought love
was another flavor of coffee" - very well put :)

On another note, isn't love just what people know of it

Deeps said...

You don't know about love and you write so beautifully. I wonder how it'll when you do know ;-)

Spazsim Chasm said...

i like this, it's well written and honest. besides it's nice to know a guy's point of view from time to time :)

manisha said...

love is something u can rant about! love is smethng that has given u a fodder for this post...

taikun said...

Nice poetry. But there is something gravely wrong here, which I will blog about soon. :)

Santulan said...

This touches a cord with me. I must say that this is very well written. Thanks