Saturday, August 04, 2007

The weird thing tag

Tagged by Crescent a long long time ago.

I am to write about eight weird things about myself. Well, here goes [:)]

8) I like clean ears. I keep cleaning my ears every few hours. I know its not a good thing, but weird it is.

7) I can spot spelling/grammatical mistakes faster than most of my friends. It kinda jumps out at me and I cannot stand them.

6) I work best on the things that do not matter like my GRE instead of working on my fantastic project. I always do better on pass-fail courses than on graded ones.

5) I am a masochist to the core. Even if there are no problems, I create imaginary ones and wallow in sorrow.

4) I am obsessed with improving myself but end up pained again because of my laziness. If only I could kick that habit of procrastinating ! This is not very weird but I'd put it here anyway.

3) I like shouting out loud songs like "Tub-thumping" by Chumbawamba and "Take a look around " by Limp Bizkit to get a natural high. It works !

2) I listen to every kind, every genre of music. Carnatic to heavy metal, jazz to Hindustani instrumental. I frown at those people who say one is better than the other. Listen to what you enjoy !


:P Weird !


Crescent said...

8. :P Agreed clean ears are a must but not often. I have this nail biting habit may be you have this habit.
Hail buds :D

7. :o Got to be careful with you then. I welcome you spotting mistakes in my writing :)

6. True. *same pinch* I like reading other subjects/novels when I have exams :D

5. Huh?
4. Lol. Procrastination kills. Here I am blog hopping when am supposed to be studying :D

Btw I had presented a research paper in an Internation Conf in B'lore :). Was well received. Apologies for posting this here :(

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Congratulations ! An international conference! Great ! Why apologize ? Way to go !

Sunshine said...

Listen to any kinka music! I think its time you clean your ears! hehe

Sunshine said...


Harish Suryanarayana said...

I have not heard kinka ! :P I was actually excited that I would perhaps discover another genre ! You have quashed my hopes :P :P

i said...

Sounds like my own personal story.... :)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@i - [:)]

Freespirit said...

Think same pinch hsa been exchanged too many times between us..but once more anyway. And dead on about the spelling/grammatical really really annoys some people. (makes me wanna do it more sometimes :))

Pranati said...

masochist..c'mon..u cnt be...