Friday, January 12, 2007

Guru - A Review

Rating : 7 /10

Guru is a story about a village boy who after a brief stint working abroad starts his own business in India and makes a huge success out of it. He is helped initially by the editor of a newspaper , a role played really well by Mithun Chakraborty. Later on , Guru starts employing unlawful means for business development and uses Mithun's paper as a medium to brow-beat competitors when he is away on vacation. Mithun-da gets mad and decides to turn the tables on Guru . Enter Madhavan , a bright young reporter investigating Guru's enterprise . Vidya Balan is his love interest and Mithun's daughter . Oh yes ! Aishwarya Rai is Abhishek's wife , Sujata , who is the dutiful perfect wife we see in so many Hindi movies . The movie ends with a 4.5 minute speech by Abhishek, during an enquiry into his nefarious ways, which totally and absolutely fails to deliver .

The first half of the movie is interesting and holds your interest , but the build up falls apart as the second half progresses. Abhishek Bacchan does a decent job as Guru delivering lines such as ' Lado to guru ki tarah par yaad rakhna ki guru sirf ek hi hai ' without looking over-pompous . Aishwarya Rai cannot dance . Or Mani Ratnam has asked her to not dance too well because she is after all a 'gaon ki ladki' which then ,is very good acting, but I really do doubt that . Mallika Sherawat's item number oozes oomph - very sexy . The lady does expose and how ! Vidya Balan and Madhavan have small roles which are essayed well and with confidence. The cinematography is obviously fantastic , Maniratnam and Rajiv Menon really deliver on that count. The music does not seem all that great , not Rahman level , except ' Barso re Megha Megha ' which is pretty catchy.

Worth a watch , if you are jobless .


themiddler said...

Hmm... From the trailers I was quite skeptical of Abhishek's ability to deliver in such a complex role. Somehow he lacks Amitabh Bachan's intensity in his youth... The Big B really kicks ass in classics Zanjeer and Deewar.

And totally agree on Mallika Sherawat's item number. She totally rawks! She has got that really charming smile :)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@middler -- Totally agree with you on the Big B angle . I did not really catch any of the trailers though .. was a last minute addition to a gumbal going to see the movie ;)

Anu said...

What were those rumours all abt? that it s based on D.Ambani's life?!! [:O] (Yet to watch)

n hey! Tere Bina, Jaage hain r gud too. Baazi Laga, Ek Lo Ek muft suck big time.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@anu --> Villager makes it big and uses shady connections and bribery to make it big.He is also blessed with 'twin' daughters . Sounds familiar ?

Yeah , mebbe I was a bit harsh on the music .

Arun 'Randi' said...

hmmm...the shortest review i have ever read for GURU! Thanks, for that! now i am gonna waste 120 bucks; instead i am gonna download the item number from youtube. :D

"‘Guru’ is a film beyond Box Office. It’s a film which comes your way once in a life time. Not everybody shall like it. For it’s not traditional entertainment. But if cinema is more than mere fun for you, then you shall surely treasure ‘Guru’. For a long time to come. "

haha... and that's from

how contrary???? :D

Aravindan said...

aishwarya rai cannot dance for nuts,a fact aptly demonstrated by the barso re number..

Harish Suryanarayana said...

@arun --> Well, I wonder how much Gurukanth Desai paid that guy at IndiaGlitZ :) .

@Aravindan --> Aish seriously sucked in that song .. I definitely expected better considering the fact that the song is fantastic.